Our Annual Compliance Program represents exceptional value for money and provides our clients with the services they need as well as great list of benefits. An affordable yearly membership fee entitles our clients to:     

  • A detailed compliance report for every service.
  • Unlimited smoke alarm compliance and maintenance services.
  • Free replacement of faulty or expired smoke alarms*. 
  • Free battery replacements. 
  • Free safety switch test (once per year).
  • Free water meter readings for new tenancies (at property manager’s request).
  • 10% discount on our electrical, blind cord services and pool safety inspections.

We also provide a 10% discount to property owners with five or more properties on our Annual Compliance Program!


Annual Compliance Program - Current standards           $77

Annual Compliance Program - New standards              $110



Does not include damaged/missing or 240 Volt smoke alarms not installed by us for 5 years (warranty period) from date of manufacture.


The introduction of the Queensland government's new smoke alarm laws has placed additional requirements on property owners and property managers. Rental properties must have smoke alarms that meet the new standards before January 2022. Many owners are now choosing to upgrade the smoke alarms in their rental properties to the new standards, especially if existing smoke alarms have failed or are approaching their expiry date. They anticipate a rush to upgrade before the new laws come into effect, and want to make sure that their properties continue to be smoke alarm compliant.

Quickcheck has introduced an upgrade service that will ensure that smoke alarms are correctly installed and meet new standards. Our one-off upgrade service includes the substantial electrical work and all electrical components required.

As a locally based electrical contractor, we are able to professionally and efficiently undertake smoke alarm upgrades.  Our price is considerably lower than our competitors and is tax deductible for rental property owners.

We have specialised in the installation, replacement and maintenance of smoke alarms since 2007 and will continue to ensure that the properties we service are smoke alarm compliant.


For $165 per 240 volt smoke alarm, we will install the correct number and type of smoke alarms required for compliance.  This includes:

  • The installation of quality 240 Volt photoelectric smoke alarms with a 5 year warranty.
  • The replacement of existing 240 Volt and 9 Volt smoke alarms.
  • The hardwired interconnection of all smoke alarms. If not possible, wireless interconnection will be used.
  • All materials (electrical fittings, cable, enclosures).
  • All electrical work (usually 4 – 8 hrs labour).
  • A new circuit where possible, including a quality RCBO (safety switch/circuit breaker).

Our licensed electricians will install a quality smoke alarm system tailored to best protect property and ensure the safety of tenants. Other electricians offering a lower cost may not have the experience and knowledge to correctly locate smoke alarms, and reduce costs by not protecting the smoke alarm circuit with a safety switch, and by using inferior components.

Our Annual Compliance Program does not cover installations by other electricians for:

  • troubleshooting and rectification of electrical or location issues, or
  • free replacement of faulty smoke alarms for 5 years from date of manufacture (the warranty period on our smoke alarms).


Property owners who choose Quickcheck to undertake the Smoke Alarm Upgrade at their rental property will receive one year's free membership on our Annual Compliance Program, valued at $110 (valid for one year from the date of upgrade).


Smoke alarm upgrades complying with new standards           $165 per smoke alarm



  • Are your smoke alarms beeping or do they activate when you shower, or cook? 
  • Does the smoke alarm located near the kitchen or bathroom activate?
  • Is the smoke alarm out of reach, so you can't replace a battery?


Quickcheck can help you solve your smoke alarm problems. Our team of qualified professionals has specialised in smoke alarm servicing more than 10 years, providing the best service at an affordable price. Unlike our competitors, we are the only smoke alarm specialists to employ licensed electricians to make sure that work is done in a quality and professional manner. Our team of electricians has the experience and knowledge to immediately identify and rectify issues that may be causing smoke alarms to false-activate.



We will conduct a detailed smoke alarm compliance check and service. This includes:

  • Ensuring smoke alarms are operating correctly.
  • Ensuring the correct number of smoke alarms are installed.
  • Ensuring smoke alarms correctly positioned (and relocate if necessary).
  • Detaching and cleaning all smoke alarms (including hard-wired).
  • Battery testing and replacement.
  • Ensuring smoke alarms are within their service life (10 years)
  • Provide a detailed Compliance Check and Service Report.


If necessary, we can:

  • undertake a smoke alarm upgrade that complies with smoke alarm laws effective from January 2022, or
  • replace faulty smoke alarms or smoke alarms past their expiry date with smoke alarms that comply with current smoke alarm laws.

NOTE:  We do not provide a 24 hour emergency service.  We will promptly attend to your job during business hours.


Smoke Alarm Service - Properties complying with current standards      $44

Smoke Alarm Service - Properties complying with new standards           $60

Fitting or replacing a 9 Volt smoke alarm                                                      $25

Fitting or replacing a 240 Volt smoke alarm                                                  $55