At Quickcheck, we know that selling your property can be time consuming and stressful. All the cleaning, tidying, gardening and little repairs to have your property looking its best is often difficult enough to deal with, and then there is the stress that comes with completing all the forms and sale documents that are required! With so much going on, it can sometimes be difficult to be sure that the information you provide in the forms and sale documents is correct.

We can help to reduce that stress by providing the reports, certificates and services you need to complete the forms and sale documents! 

Our team of qualified professionals specialise in:

  • Smoke Alarm Service and Installation 
  • Safety Switch Testing and Installation  
  • Electrical Services.


When selling a domestic property, property sellers are required to lodge a Form 24 Property Transfer with the Queensland Land Registry Office stating the requirements of the smoke alarm legislation have been met.

Some vendors are unaware that by ticking "Yes" on the Form 24, they are legally stating that the property has the required number of smoke alarms, they are correctly installed and located, comply with Australian Standards and are within their service life and in good working order.


How can you be sure you've provided the correct information?

Our easy and affordable Smoke Alarm Service is designed to help property owners ensure they are providing correct information in their forms and sale documents. Our team of Smoke Alarm Specialists will:

  • Ensure the property has the required number of smoke alarms
  • Ensure the smoke alarms are correctly installed and located
  • Ensure the smoke alarms comply with Australian Standards
  • Ensure the smoke alarms are within their service life
  • Ensure the smoke alarms are in good working order
  • Replace the batteries in the smoke alarms
  • Provide a written report

 We are also able to replace and/or install smoke alarms if required.


The Queensland government's new smoke alarm laws have placed additional requirements on rental property owners. Rental properties must have smoke alarms that meet the new standards before January 2022, and it will be illegal to sell a property that does not comply with the new smoke alarm standards after January 2022.

To read an overview of the smoke alarm laws, visit this page...

Many owners are choosing to upgrade the smoke alarms in their rental properties to the new standards, especially if existing smoke alarms have failed or are approaching their expiry date.  If this is so with your sale property, or if you would like to make the property more attractive to investors, we can help you with a Smoke Alarm Upgrade


As with smoke alarms, if you are selling a property, you are required to answer questions regarding safety switches at the property.

If you are selling a domestic property, you must first establish if a safety switch is installed for power point circuits, which must be declared on the standard sales contract and Form 24 Property TransferIf you buy a property without a safety switch, you must install a safety switch for the power point circuits within three months of a property transfer. This applies to any transfer of domestic premises. 

It is required by law that an electrical safety switch must be installed for all general purpose socket outlets, and the transferor must inform the transferee in writing about its existence.


Quickcheck's Safety Switch Test includes testing the functionality of existing safety switches that protect existing circuits and a report outlining which sub circuits are protected by a safety switch.


Contact us today to arrange a Safety Switch Test!   




Smoke Alarm Service - Properties complying with new standards             $66

Smoke Alarm Service - Properties complying with current standards       $44

Fitting or replacing a 9 Volt smoke alarm                                                      $25

Replacing a 240 Volt smoke alarm                                                                 $55

Safety Switch Test                                                                                           $44

Pool Safety Inspection                                                                                    $160

Smoke Alarm Upgrade                                                                                    $165 per smoke alarm required



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