Quickcheck provides a convenient and cost effective light bulb replacement service for domestic properties. Our team of licensed electricians have extensive industry experience and are able to correctly select and fit the correct wattage bulbs, are able to safely remove light bulbs that have broken in a light fitting and are able to determine if the light fitting is non-functional. We carry a wide range of the most commonly used light bulbs, are able to source and replace specialty or uncommon bulbs and we will provide a convenient and competitive quote if it is determined that the light fitting is non-functional.


The supply and replacement of light bulbs is not specified in the Residential Tenancies Act, however, property owners are required to ensure that all light bulbs are working at the time of a new lease.

Generally, the property owner or property manager is responsible for maintaining specialty bulbs while tenants are responsible for the replacement of everyday bulbs. If changing a bulb requires specialist knowledge or equipment, it may be part of the property owner or property manager's responsibility in maintaining the property. More...Residential Tenancies Authority page


Light Bulb Replacement Service         $33 + Bulbs



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