Quickcheck's team of industry professionals stay up to date with all relevant Queensland government legislation, including the Fire and Rescue Services Act, Residential Tenancies Act, Electrical Safety Act, as well as the various Regulations and Australian Standards that apply to these laws.

We understand ensuring your property complies with the ever increasing rules and regulations as well as being responsible for the safety of your tenants can be a complex and daunting task. Additionally, failing to comply with the many rules and regulations can place both property owners and property managers at risk of legal action, personal liability, hefty fines and/or other penalties.

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The Queensland legislation requires residential rental property owners to ensure that:

  • the required number of smoke alarms are installed, meet Australian Standards and are located correctly,
  • within 30 days prior to the start of each new tenancy, lease renewal or extension, smoke alarms are tested, cleaned and found to be in working order and that each battery that is flat or almost flat, is replaced, and
  • smoke alarms are replaced before they reach the end of their service life or replaced immediately upon discovering that an alarm has ceased to function correctly.


From 1 January 2022, the Queensland government's Fire and Emergency Service (Domestic Smoke Alarms) Amendment Act 2016, has created further responsibilities for owners of residential rental properties.
All homes or units being sold or leased, or existing leases renewed, will be required to meet with the requirements of the legislation.
Smoke alarms in the dwelling must:

  • be photoelectric (AS3786-2014); and 
  • not also contain an ionisation sensor;
  • be hardwired to the mains power supply, if currently hardwired. Otherwise, smoke alarms can be either hardwired or powered by a non removable 10 yr battery or a combination of both.
  • be interconnected with every other smoke alarm in the dwelling so all activate together.

The legislation requires smoke alarms are installed in the following locations:

  • on each storey

  • in each bedroom

  • if there is no hallway, between the bedroom and other parts of the storey; and

  • if there are no bedrooms on a storey, at least one smoke alarm must be installed in the most likely path of travel to exit the dwelling.


Click here to download the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services fact sheet (Legislation)   PDF 

Click here to download the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services fact sheet (Locations)


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