In Quickcheck's experience, property owners and property managers really dislike digging around in the dirt to obtain a water meter reading for their entry condition reports. Our helpful team provide a water meter reading service for our clients.   


The Residential Tenancies Act allows owners of water compliant rental properties to charge for water usage. Owners of properties that are not water compliant are able to charge for excess water usage. Our water meter reading service provides a non-biased, third party water meter reading that can be relied upon should a dispute over water usage at the property arise.

Properties listed on our Annual Compliance Program receive free water meter readings at the time of a new tenancy (at the property manager's request). 

Properties on ACP 

Water meter reading        Free!

(whist attending for a smoke alarm service & new tenancies only)

Water meter reading          $16.50

(if required to attend and not whist attending for a smoke alarm service)

Properties not on ACP 

Water meter reading          $16.50

(properties not listed on ACP whist attending for a smoke alarm service)


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