Quickcheck's safety switch tests are conducted by trade professionals.  Our team carries a range of quality safety switches and are able to cost effectively replace any safety switch that is not functioning correctly. 


All rental properties in Queensland are required to have safety switches fitted. To ensure the safety of your tenants and your rental property, properties listed on our Annual Compliance Program receive a free safety switch test once per year. As with all electrical devices, safety switches need to be maintained and tested regularly to ensure that they will work to save a life if an electrical fault occurs. Issues such as dust and debris can cause safety switches to function slowly or not function at all. 

Most of the rental properties we service have safety switches installed only on the power circuits. Light, fridge, stove, hot water and air conditioning circuits are usually only protected by fuses or circuit breakers which are designed to protect appliances and wiring, and will not save a life.  

We recommend that all circuits installed at a property are protected by safety switches. Contact us to arrange to upgrade the circuit protection in your rental property.

We offer a 10% discount on labour to owners who have a property listed on our Annual Compliance Program and choose to upgrade the circuit protection on their own place of residence (only available for properties located within our service area).

Safety Switch Test          Free!

(once a year, properties listed on ACP whist attending for a smoke alarm service)

Safety Switch Test and Report          $66

(if we attend for a safety switch test only)

Safety Switch Replacement          $66 + Labour

(if we find a safety switch has failed or is faulty after testing)

Safety Switch Installation/Upgrade Quote                Free!  



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