At Quickcheck, we understand the challenges a property manager faces.  We work with you to ensure that the rental properties you manage continue to comply with government legislation. 

  • We are the only business that provides a full range of property compliance and electrical services under one banner,
  • We are a local business, easy to deal with, and provide prompt, personal service,
  • We treat you, property owners and tenants with courtesy and respect,
  • We have a comprehensive database of properties we service,
  • We are fully insured.

Our long-established systems and procedures are designed to make your job easier.

  • We generate reports and advise if smoke alarms have not been checked in the previous 12 months (ensuring ongoing compliance for properties on long leases and periodic leases).
  • We send entry notices to your tenants, and send you an electronic copy.
  • We are happy to negotiate a different entry time with tenants.
  • We email you a key list the day before we service your properties. If you have given us key numbers, they are on the key list to help you to get keys ready.
  • Our staff are trained in our key management system which keeps your keys secure while in our possession and promptly return them to you. 
  • We will always leave a card to let tenants know that we have been in the premises, or that we could not gain entry.
  • Our entry procedure makes sure that we are never alone in premises with a child under 16 years old. 


We specialist in smoke alarm compliance services, including maintenance and upgrades!   Send us a work order and we will promptly arrange smoke alarm services:

  • at the start of a new tenancy or lease renewal, or
  • when tenants tell you about malfunctioning smoke alarms,

For assistance with common smoke alarm problems and causes of false activations, please refer your tenants to our handy FAQs page!

Please don't hesitate to contact us for copies of our handy instruction sheets that have been designed to assist tenants in dealing with false activations at upgraded properties!


Depending on what you want us to do, we can:

How our Annual Compliance Program works:

When you first list a property on our Annual Compliance Program (ACP), we conduct a smoke alarm compliance check and service and enter the details on our database.

Properties are subsequently renewed at the same time every year, similar to an insurance policy. 

We send you a list monthly to advise which properties are due for renewal on our Program.  You simply tell us which properties you no longer manage and pay the annual renewal fee for the remaining properties.

While a property is listed on our ACP, we provide:

  • Unlimited smoke alarm compliance checks and maintenance services.
  • Free replacement of faulty or expired smoke alarms. *
  • Free replacement of batteries, where required.
  • A detailed smoke alarm compliance report for each service.
  • One free safety switch test per year.
  • Free water meter readings for new tenancies (at your request).


Does not include damaged or missing smoke alarms.

Does not include smoke alarms not installed by us whilst covered by manufacturer warranty.  

* Additional costs apply to replace smoke alarms not installed by Quickcheck (at properties upgraded to new standards)

Does not cover incorrect installations by other electricians or troubleshooting and rectification of electrical issues.
Additional costs apply to replace smoke alarms not installed by Quickcheck (at upgraded properties)

Additional costs apply to replace faulty smoke alarms installed by Quickcheck that are no longer covered by manufacturer warranty (at upgraded properties)
Does not include an out of hours service or the cost of another contractor to attend out of hours

Red Smoke Alarms are installed at $165 per smoke alarm, where required. 
In some cases, quotes can be provided to replace other brands including PSA,  Brooks, Clipsal & Emerald smoke alarms.




We specialise in smoke alarm upgrades!   Click here for information about our services

We can provide you with reports, information and templates to assist you in contacting your owners and planning upgrades at all of your rental properties.

Contact us and request our upgrade information package!



We can provide additional services at any time, or conveniently provide them at the same time as the smoke alarm compliance check for a new lease:

  • Our team of licensed electricians provide a full range of maintenance electrical services.  We specialise in the replacement of faulty, broken or non-functioning electrical fittings. We love the non-urgent, small jobs that other electricians don't want.
  • Our safety switch tests are conducted by licensed electricians who generate a fault (not just press a test button) to make sure that the safety switch will protect tenants.
  • Our light bulb replacement service will assure you that all light bulbs are working at the time of a new lease. Our team of electricians carries a wide range of the most commonly used light bulbs and we are able to source and replace those specialty and uncommon bulbs that may be part of your responsibility in maintaining the property.
  • Our blind cord compliance service ensures that window furnishing cords in the properties you manage meet the new safety standards and do not pose a danger to tenants.
  • Our water meter reading service provides a non-biased, third party water meter reading that you can rely on should a dispute over water usage at the property arise. 


Please tell your colleagues in Sales about our Sale Property services.  For an affordable fee, we provide the following pre-sale documentation:


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